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This online form is the quickest and easiest way for me to assess your speeding ticket, reckless driving charge, or any other driving crime or infraction.  

I will review your submission and respond with additional information pertaining to your charge, include a fee estimate for your legal representation. Note, however, that merely providing this form to me does not create an attorney-client relationship between us.

All information you provide below I will treat as strictly confidential. The data submitted via this form is encrypted and secured using industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption.

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If you had an encounter with law enforcement and were provided with either a "Virginia Uniform Summons" or a "Warrant for Arrest," both of these documents will command you to appear in court on a certain date. What is that date?

No one likes to be pulled over or arrested. Aside from that, did this encounter with law enforcement get unusually lengthy, testy, or combative?

The days of incorrect speedometers are quickly vanishing, but please let me know if there is reason to believe there was something technically wrong with the speedometer or other speed-related aspect of the vehicle.

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